Clean air, clear water and picturesque forests are strong attributes of Mazury, which is well known and appreciated not only in Poland, but also recognized and regarded by Europeans as a virgin land.

For those who are interested in history and geography are here to visit: the Fields of Grunwald, Folk Architecture Museum in Olsztynek, “copernican” Castle and Planetarium in Olsztyn, Ostródzko-Elbląski channel, Dylewskie Hills, Settlement Czarci Jar at the source of Drwęca river, Castle in Nidzica, Monastery Complex in Święta Lipka and many other places worth visiting.

We invite you to our cottages in the spring, summer, autumn and winter.
The cottages are located in the nearby the Wulpinski Lake, 12 km from Olsztyn, in the municipality Gietrzwałd.

There is a possibility of using:

* boats
* paddleboats
* surfboards
* canoes
* sailboat (Conrad 605)
* bicycles
* golf course, 3,5km

There is a possibility of organizing social meetings, grilling, fishing and mushroom picking. You’re always welcome!